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Posted in Politics with tags , , on February 4, 2010 by annepotz

I am an ordinary citizen of the republic. I just watch the news, read the papers and see famous faces in the political world, not caring what their business is about. For all I care, it’s politics, what is it to me, anyway? But then, just recently, I got so interested in the things happening around. The circulating news in the country became so alarming, maybe not to all, but to few people like me. Or perhaps, we should be alarmed and so watchful, the 2010 elections is on May already.

I was watching a late night documentary show in a channel, tackling about the Senate’s functions and responsibilities in our government. Thus, I came to understand more. I can say I am not-so-familiar with the duties of the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, well maybe most of the Filipino people.  Let me give you an overview of the Senate.

The Senate is a training ground for future leaders, a springboard to the presidential seat.  It has a broader outlook in the problems of the country, rather than being restricted by NARROW VIEWPOINTS AND INTERESTS.  The Senate must be PRUDENT and LESS IMPULSIVE.

But what is happening right now? Senators tend to politicize more rather than ratify laws and investigate serious issues. They were elected by the people to do their jobs, not for their own personal interests. They are public servants. They should reach out to the people and they can do that by being LESS IMPULSIVE, and not act like a wild animal for all the people to see. They must be PRUDENT. What do we mean by being prudent? Prudent means using a good judgment to consider likely consequences and act accordingly.

You see a bunch of Senators walking out from the plenary hall, absenting themselves, boycotting the truth, babbling things, cursing. Are these the people we should vote for to rule the country? Are they capable of doing their functions well? The qualifications of a senator go hand-in-hand with a good attitude and a “delicadeza”.  You are a public figure. You must give your citizens what is due to them.  You are a role model. You must act accordingly. I mean yes, change must always come from ourselves, but we are influenced by people, most likely by the politicians. How can you start the change we need, if you see leaders acting like this? It’s being so childish. To think most of them graduated in well-respected schools and universities. We didn’t vote for you to sit, walkout and absent.

The people deserve to know the truth. And all you do is boycott the session or rather walk out. Tell me why I do need to vote this kind of people. Tell me that they are the leaders that could bring a GOOD CHANGE to our dying country. Tell me why they continue to do these mediocre in front of the Filipino people. Tell me why the 14th Senate was able to pass 57 legislations/laws  ONLY.

The main reason is they tend to politicize more rather than doing their duties as a Senator. You see?  Time flies and it is Election Day again. Look into the people who are more qualified to the position. The passion and dedication to the Filipino people are far more important than their achievements in their academics. Let us not make another Sin-nate, but a good Senatorial body that will uphold the duties and responsibilities.

The Senate is not a theater. We don’t need some comical skits. We want change, and it will start this 2010 elections, or so I hope.