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Posted in Funny, Own Story with tags , on February 5, 2010 by annepotz

He looked at me as if i was a damn whore…

The man grinned at me, surveyed my body with his maniacal stare.

I felt a deep chill down my spine. I started to panic. My reflex told me to stay away him. Something’s terribly wrong with this man.

I walked faster, tried to be more alert than usual.

Then I looked behind, I saw that man with an awful stare, grinning at me. Maybe, he was watching the sway of my hips.

He’s been following me. I began to run faster. Faster than the fastest. Panic started to hit me. I ran, ran and ran.

Who would help me in this dark alley? I began to cry. I felt so helpless.

Just when I thought I was safe…

Snap! My high-heeled shoes’ strap broke.

Oh no! Then the man grabbed my hand.. I cried to him… “No..please no!”

I wept so hard. The man laughed, just like an evil laugh.

Then there was silence. Dead silence.

I sobbed. “Please don’t rape me!”

He said amusingly, “Rape? Hahaha! I won’t rape you, I happened to notice your beautiful face. That’s just what I need for my next commercial shoot. I am a director. I would like to recruit you as a commercial model, here is my card, call me if you’re interested.”