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Why the Philippines Lack Good Athletes

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on February 18, 2010 by annepotz

I got hooked on watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. It was fun to watch. I love the feeling of watching the athletes do their thing, go for the gold, the spirit and determination for the win; and most of all the pride in their faces in representing their own countries. I also love it when they fall, and they strive to still get up and manage to continue and give their country a great joy and pride. The resiliency of every athlete is one of the highlights of the Olympics.

If we compare our Philippine athletes with the foreign athletes, I can say, in my own opinion, that we Filipinos have the talent, will and spirit to win. We are just as good as them, or more, we are better than them (forgive me for bragging). Filipino athletes excel in every field or event that they choose. Remember Paeng Nepomuceno, Bea Lucero, and other Olympic winners way back? They were legends, Philippine legends in sports that made us so proud.

Sadly, the Philippines rarely produce good Olympic athletes in the recent years. Mainly because, they are not getting enough support from our Philippine government. The Philippines has more important problems to deal with such as poverty, corruption, rapid population growth and more. Athletes were taken for granted, maybe because the funds and supports to them were being corrupted by officials. We have a lot of good athletes; per se, they just lack training and more improvisation because of the lack of budget. The will to win may decline if you are not getting any support.

Taiwan for example, gives its entire support to its athletes who participated in international events, win or lose. They will be receiving awards and compensations after. But the Philippines? I wonder if they even receive half of their reward.

I envy those countries that are over supportive to their athletes. You can hear the cheering and clapping, speeding up the athlete’s courage to cross the great hurdle in each of their events. If only the Philippines has good leaders that can be attentive to the abandoned field of sports in our country, we can also be a great race that the world can look up to and be famous, because we are great athletes, not just a third world country with corrupt political leaders.