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Confessions of an OVERWEIGHT

Posted in Health and Fitness, Medicine with tags , , on February 4, 2010 by annepotz

I just read recently that one in five of us inherited the ‘unfitness genes”, meaning whatever pilates or any form of exercise that you do, you will still end up, FAT! I began to think, if I got one. Well you can’t resist a sumptuous meal and sometimes you end up eating, eating and eating.

When I was in college, I am so overweight, until now, I guess. But apparently, I have learned to lose so much weight . I began to be conscious of my health and of course, of my appearance.  It’s in the genes. My relatives on the mother’s side are so chubby. I am into binge eating. I eat, eat and eat, not caring if the food I ate contains a high amount of unhealthy fats and cholesterol.

My aunt will usually come home from abroad and upon seeing me, she’ll burst out like, “Anne, you’re so big!”.  During those times I would just shrug my shoulders and not mind what she’s telling me. I will look at the mirror and will not notice  the reality that I’m getting so big and so overweight. My professor will always joke around in class about me and my friends (they are big too) as ‘Pugad Baboy’ and it will be followed by the loud outburst of laughter of our classmates. One time I was fed up and pouted at my professor, showing great disappointment. It was too much for me to tolerate.

That’s when I began to look in the mirror closely. And alas, I realized that I am really BIG. I reasoned out that it’s in our genes, so I can’t do anything about it. But the sad reality came, I look ugly being big and I was afraid that I will be unhealthy if I continue to be a chubby girl.

Then, I cut the unhealthy foods that I was eating, I lessened my rice intake, I minimized my intake of pork and beef. I ate veggies, which I don’t usually eat. Along with it, I exercised.

Now, I’m still a little chubby but then, I feel healthier. I realized that the unhealthy gene is a big factor, but nonetheless, our lifestyle and food discipline influence our health more.