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(OLD BLOG) Men Are From Mars

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Well, so to speak, i remember all my lessons in my Greek mythology class. Mars, also known as Ares is the god of war. Men in my own sense of description, are heartless creatures made to bring suffering to the female class. Their ruthlessness is so obvious that sometimes, we the females, don’t seem to notice. Why? Because we are madly in love with them. We offer all our bits and pieces to them, even the very edge of our hairs are devoured by these insensitive beasts. Hmm… Yes, women are from Venus, we were born to bring love and joy to the male gender. We were made to serve them, we satisfy their machismo. We pamper them with such things, but it is so unfair for us to be taken for granted by them. We are brutally abused, the worst is emotionally. Insensitive. Yes, they are. Will you not agree with me? Some women are victimized by their capriccios. Agree? Hey! Can’t you be serious in your relationships? We’re not toys! We’re not your robots. Curse all wicked men on earth, those that are so damn inconsiderate and self-centered that they fail to understand the hardships of women just to please them, love them, worship them. Men indeed, are from Mars…. Heartless, insensitive, brutal, selfish and blind. 🙂

Captured on a Canvas

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Broken hearts…

Teary eyes…

Wounded pride…

Things that we come across when we let ourselves be devoured by the most famous four-letter word in the whole universe… “LOVE”

Love is undying…


It happens just once…

Once, for a million of reasons, there is no definite reason of this…

It just happens, and sometimes ends up grievous…


Once there was a woman…

Incessantly waiting in the shore watching the beautiful sunset.. Waiting for her love to come along. Tinted colors of different hues painted the magnificent skies. She sighed. It has been an hour of waiting…

Just then she heard some footsteps behind her.. Then those flinty hands embraced her as if there is no tomorrow.

“Love…”, a deep voice whispered through her ears…

“Sorry, I had you waiting…” Then he planted soft, gentle kisses in the palm of her hand. She smiled. And kissed his lips. “I thought you’ll not come…I have been so worried…” They watched the beautiful sunset together…Exchanged sweet kisses, as the graceful waves danced in the rhythm of their love.

The woman is a painter. She has the most beautiful brush strokes painted in a canvas. She fancies nature. The man is engaged in traveling, for his work demands this undertaking.

One undisturbed evening, as the woman watches the shimmering stars ab0ve in the seash0re, again waiting for her love to come, she felt a little shaky. It has been two hours of waiting. And the feeling of weakness keeps on eating her. The gentle breeze touches her warm cheeks. Then she heard a sound of sweet music. She wondered where that music came from, it sounded familiar. She glanced behind. There, she saw her man with some musicians, playing their favorite song, THANK GOD I FOUND YOU… The weariness that she felt in waiting, vanished. Tears began to roll down her exquisite eyes. He came closer to her, asked her to dance. His jet black hair looks so magnificent in the bright light of the solstice moon. They danced and danced. He wiped the tears in her eyes.

Then suddenly, he kneeled down and uttered, “Yhashmeen, love, it has been four years of waiting. And in that four years of us, you were the one who waited and waited for me, every time I come home. Love has been good to us. Now, let me be the one to wait for your retort…”Will you, Yhashmeen Ong, marry me and spend the rest of your life with me…??” The woman gave the sweetest smile he has ever seen. She kneeled down, and reckoned, “..You will know my answer when we’ll meet at the church’s altar..”  The man grabbed her in his arms, cried in her shoulders, uttered lovingly, “I will wait for that answer. I love you.”

Days, weeks, months passed. The hands of time came close to the day of their nuptial. Everybody is happy. That long-term relationship has reached its end, a beautiful  one.

The groom in his black tuxedo is strikingly waiting, anxiously, in the altar. This is the day, the day he will come to know the answer to his question… He waited patiently…thirty minutes, forty, fifty, an hour, two, three. That was it.

All the visitors went home. The bride did not arrive. And so, he died in misery thinking, was that what she wanted? He doesn’t know what to do. He looked blank. The emotions flooded him, he doesn’t know what to feel. The woman he promised to love and cherish throughout his life has left him in the middle of such uncertainties. What happened? Has she gone with somebody? Or she had left him because she doesn’t love him anymore? Or? Had she loved him?

Painful thoughts and memories haunted him every night. He’ll drown himself drinking alcohol just to forget those unpleasant memories.. He’s broken. Broken inside and out. Broken as a man. Broken. Shattered. Wounded into bitter fragments. Six months later…

It was the 18th of December, their supposed-to-be 5th year anniversary. He began to accept the painful thought that she doesn’t really cared. She got tired maybe, maybe she’s happy in the arms of another man. He learned to unshackle himself from that mound of angst.

He went to that seashore. Where they would always meet and watch the smashing sunset together… As he was drawing closer to their spot, he saw a canvas, in a tripod… It depicted a very beautiful sunset.. Then the sea… Then two lovers in each other’s arms, watching the wonderful sunset, the painting looked alive. Those brush strokes were familiar. He gathered the canvas in his arms looked at it with such admiration. Tears were rolling down his eyes. He began to embrace the canvas. Did she paint this for me? He looked around as he searching for someone. He hoped that she’s there waiting for him. The pain began to sear again… He then noticed a note at the back of the painting…He unfolded the paper and it read:

My beloved Jhimwel Ryan Bailey:

I know you hate me for not answering your question. I really must be good enough in choosing my decisions. I hate to see you wait for nothing. But it is better to be this way. It hurts me to see you cry. I did this for both of us, moreover, i did this so you can move on easily… I am sorry. Please do not cry. Remember that i am with you always.



He growled with so much pain after reading the letter. He barely understood what happened. The pain he felt was unbearable. He gathered the canvas and the letter and went to Yhashmeen’s house. He knocked at their wooden door. It was Yhashmeen’s mom who opened the door. He said he wanted to talk with Yhash…

To his surprise, the old woman wept. She said that 7months ago, her daughter was in the verge of death and was diagnosed with leukemia. 3 months later, she passed away. “She told us not to let you know.. For it will bring you so much pain. She told us in the celebration of your 5th year anniversary, the canvas that she painted for you shall be placed in your favorite spot near the seashore. She have loved you so much that she chose not to attend your union because it will hurt you so much more if you learned about her condition. She does not want to be your burden.” He glanced at the canvas. He was stunned by the revelation. She, had chosen to go away from him to lessen the pain. He ran as fast as he could.. Went to the shore with the canvas and roared into deep sorrow.. Their love was so pure. Their love is the most precious of all. And she, has gone with the stars in heaven. Their love has been so perfect. But now., it was just a pleasant memory, a love so true and pure…A love captured on a canvas…


Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. It is a special day to express our love to the special person in our lives. You can do this by sending your love a Valentine gift.

a. Valentine Gift Basket: Valentine baskets are great gifts for your sweetheart. A popular basket comes with a beautiful arrangement of delicacies for an evening of romance and dining, accented with roses and completed with massage oil and votive candles. Inside the wicker basket are chocolate covered cherries, shortbread cookies, Mia Amore pasta, sun dried roasted tomatoes, chocolates, cheese, and a hard cover book of romance. This romantic gift is ideal for sharing with your special someone, and will create Valentine memories you two will always hold dear.

b. Valentine Gift Pail: Alternatively, you can send a message of love with an unique red gift pail, wrapped around by the long arms of a charming bear couple. The teddy bears are embroidered with the saying “I love you this much!” They are stuffed with hugs and good wishes and surrounded by sweet treats of chocolate covered cookies, Ghirardelli squares, old fashioned fudge, chocolate hearts, and Jelly Belly beans. Thia gift pail can be sent to your boyfriend or girl friend.

c. Valentine Gift Tower: A popular gift tower consists of a soft and cuddly plush bear with a three-piece tower of sweets, including milk chocolate pretzels, white frosted pretzels and milk chocolate Ghirardelli squares. This is a wonderful gift to express your love to friends, family and special loved ones.

d. Valentines Gifts For Him: For your boyfriend or husband, you can send him a gift basket with a love message envelope. He can open the envelope and enjoy the romantic treats. He will find an adorable teddy bear holding a heart filled with his favorite truffles and a lovely Champagne candle, and many other sweet treats, … and a love coupon book. This would be a great basket for your Valentine.

e. Romantic Gift Basket – Valentines Gifts For Her: You can win over your lover’s heart by sending her a romantic gift basket. A popular basket consists of a beautiful gold chest filled with romantic candle gift set, frosted glass votive candle holder, sensual chocolate body paint, assorted chocolate, almond body butter massage lotion, and a Love and Romance book from the heart. She will be impressed with your elegant taste when you send her this romantic gift basket.

f. Romantic Massage Gift Basket: A romantic massage will be treasured by your valentine. She will long remember the special treats in this lovely basket: massage oil, an acrylic massager, a massage booklet. chocolates, cookies, and a chocolate fondue kit to say I love you in good taste.

g. Spa Gift Baskets: Spa gifts are designed especially for women. Rejuvenate someone special with a gift hamper full of relaxing spa products, including body butter, an enchanted CD of soft piano and string music, cucumber moisturing body lotion, moisturizing body gel, terry cloth makeup and shower headband, vanilla herbal lemon tea, and terry cloth bath slippers to make her feel special. When the bath and body products are gone, she can use the handy hamper with lid for storage. Treat your sweetheart with this revitalizing gift.

h. Chocolate Bouquet: This chocolate bouquet consists of 6 full size milk chocolate bars that create a “vase” while 20 fun size chocolates of assorted varieties make up a bouquet. This unique gift can be sent to chocolate lovers of all ages.

i. Valentines Gift Basket For Kids: This children’s basket is filled with fun activities and treats to eat. Your little valentine will find a teddy bear with heart patches, coloring book, candy filled potion bottle with mini message, bubbles, candy bracelet, 3 marshmallow cream heart, checkers game set, marshmallow heart peep, gummy treats, Hershey Kisses exchange bag, and candies.

j. Red Roses: Fresh, stunning and fragrant red roses will sure delight your sweetheart. Send these roses by themselves or send them to accompany other gifts. In summary, express your love to someone special with a Valentine gift. You can choose from Valentine gift basket, Valentine gift pail, gift tower, romantic gift basket, romantic massage gift basket, spa gift baskets, red roses, and Valentines basket for kids. Send Valentines day gift to your love, and show him or her how much you care this Valentines Day.