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Why the Philippines Lack Good Athletes

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I got hooked on watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. It was fun to watch. I love the feeling of watching the athletes do their thing, go for the gold, the spirit and determination for the win; and most of all the pride in their faces in representing their own countries. I also love it when they fall, and they strive to still get up and manage to continue and give their country a great joy and pride. The resiliency of every athlete is one of the highlights of the Olympics.

If we compare our Philippine athletes with the foreign athletes, I can say, in my own opinion, that we Filipinos have the talent, will and spirit to win. We are just as good as them, or more, we are better than them (forgive me for bragging). Filipino athletes excel in every field or event that they choose. Remember Paeng Nepomuceno, Bea Lucero, and other Olympic winners way back? They were legends, Philippine legends in sports that made us so proud.

Sadly, the Philippines rarely produce good Olympic athletes in the recent years. Mainly because, they are not getting enough support from our Philippine government. The Philippines has more important problems to deal with such as poverty, corruption, rapid population growth and more. Athletes were taken for granted, maybe because the funds and supports to them were being corrupted by officials. We have a lot of good athletes; per se, they just lack training and more improvisation because of the lack of budget. The will to win may decline if you are not getting any support.

Taiwan for example, gives its entire support to its athletes who participated in international events, win or lose. They will be receiving awards and compensations after. But the Philippines? I wonder if they even receive half of their reward.

I envy those countries that are over supportive to their athletes. You can hear the cheering and clapping, speeding up the athlete’s courage to cross the great hurdle in each of their events. If only the Philippines has good leaders that can be attentive to the abandoned field of sports in our country, we can also be a great race that the world can look up to and be famous, because we are great athletes, not just a third world country with corrupt political leaders.


Why ABS-CBN is the Leading TV Station in the Philippines

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I have to give some credits to the one who posted this comment in It only proves why ABS-CBN is the leading multimedia television station in the Philippines. Credits to:

we are 1! Says:
February 18th, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Take a look and be amazed at how many innovations, technological advancements and Philippines’ firsts ABS-CBN delivered, spearheaded and pioneered:

*Unang TV station sa Pilipinas:
[ABSCBN: BEC (1946) / GMA: RBS (1950)]

*Unang commercial TV broadcaster sa ASIA!:
[ABSCBN: (1953) / GMA: (1975)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng color television noong 1960s:
[ABSCBN: (1966) / GMA: (1979)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng TV logo:
[ABSCBN: Sarimanok (1967) / GMA: Rainbow Satellite (1988)]

*Unang TV station na nag-cover ng isang marathon coverage:
[ABSCBN: Halalan ’68 (1968) / GMA: Election ’92 (1992)]

*Unang Tv station na nag-live transmittion sa buong mundo via Satellite!:
[ABSCBN: Apollo 11, Moon Landing (1969) / GMA: Papal Visit ’95 (1995)]

*Unang TV company na nag-introduce ng OB (Outside Broadcast) Van:
[ABSCBN: (1973) / GMA: (1989)]

*Unang TV station na gumamit ng Satellite broadcasting sa Pilipinas:
[ABSCBN: Sarimanok Satellite (1990) / GMA: Republic Broadcasting Grp.

*Unang TV station na nag-established ng regional network group sa Pilipinas:
[ABSCBN: ABSCBN Reg’l. Netw. Grp. (1990) / GMA: RGMA (2000)]

*Unang TV station na nag-taped ng International Telecast:
[ABSCBN: PanAmSat (1990) / GMA: Agila Satellite, owned by PLDT (1997)]

*Unang TV station na nag-exclusive ng international broadcast right:
[ABSCBN: Barcelona Olympic ’92 (1992) / GMA: Bitoys Funniest Videos (2005)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng terrestial network sa Pilipinas.
[ABSCBN: TFC The Filipino Channel (1994) / GMA: GMA Pinoy TV (2003)]

*Unang TV station na gumamit ng 3D weather forecasting state-of-the- art facilities.
[ABSCBN: (1996) / GMA: (1997-1999) today, none.

*Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi sa Asian TV Awards.
[ABSCBN: Asian TV Awards Best Actor, Roderick Paulate, Maalaala Mo Kaya (1996) /
GMA: Asian TV Awards Channel of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (2001)]

*Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi ng Terrestial Network of the Year sa Asian TV Awards:
[ABSCBN: (2000, 2001, 2003) / GMA: (2005)]

*Unang TV station sa Pilipinas na nagwagi ng Channel of the Year sa Asian TV Awards:
[ABSCBN: (2002) / GMA: none]

*Unang TV network na nag-introduce ng Film Production:
[ABSCBN: Star Cinema, Inc. (1993) / GMA: GMA Films (1999)]

*Unang TV network na nag-introduce ng Music Recording Co.:
[ABSCBN: Star Records, Inc. (1994) / GMA: GMA Records (2002)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng Interactive Media Website:
[ABSCBN: ABSCBN Interactive, (1996) / GMA: (2001) renovated: 2004]

*Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Secondary Terrestial Channel sa Pilipinas:
[ABSCBN: AMCARA broadcasting c/o MTV Asia channel 23 (1991) / GMA: Citynet 27 (1997) now, QTV (2005)]

*Unang TV Secondary Terrestial Channel na nag-success until now:
[ABSCBN: Studio 23 c/o MTV Asia (1996) / GMA: Citynet 27 (1997) now, QTV (2005)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng Online Stream:
[ABSCBN: PinoyCentral. com (1999) / GMA: (2003)]

*ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang FM radio station:
[ABSCBN: WRR 101.9fm (1996, Sep) / GMA: WLS 97.1fm (1996, Dec)]

*ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang AM radio station:
[ABSCBN: DZAQ AM (1967) now, DZMM 630khZ (1986) / GMA: DZBS AM (1974) now, DZBB 594khZ (1988)]

*Unang Tv station na nagkaroon ng Live Stream sa Internet:
[ABSCBN: ABSCBN Now! (2002) / GMA: (2004)]

*Unang TV station na na-established ng Foundation:
[ABSCBN: ABSCBN Lingkod Bayan Foundation (1992) / GMA: Kapuso Foundation (2003)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng fun run:
[ABSCBN: Takbo para sa Kalikasan (2000) / GMA: GMA Fun Run (2004)]

*Unang TV station na gumamit ng single-word slogan:
[ABSCBN: Kapamilya (2002) / GMA: Kapuso (2003)]

*Unang Tv station na may pinakamaraming nanood ng sabay-sabay ng isang tv event sa isang araw sa kasaysayan:
[ABSCBN: Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng Bayan (2006) / GMA: none at this time]

*Unang Locally TV Produced TV station na nag-produce ng programa na nakakuha ng Pinakamataas ng Ratings sa kasaysayan:
[ABSCBN: Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng Bayan (2006) / GMA: none at this time]

*Unang TV station na nag-hit ang isang Asianovela (orig. from Taiwan)/ Unang TV station na nagpalabas ng Asianovela sa Pilipinas / at Pinakamataas na Ratings sa lahat ng Asianovela sa kasaysayan, 57.2%:
[ABSCBN: Meteor Garden (2003, May) / GMA: 5566 (2003, Nov)]

Note: Ang IBC ang pinakaunang tv station na nagpalabas ng Asianovela, pero hindi pa kilala ang word na Asianovela noon, yun ay yung Amazing Twins! Pero ang Amazing Twins ay hindi sakop ng IBC 13 at ito ay handle ng VTV – Viva television (Primetime Block lamang ng IBC noon, kasabayan noon yung Who wants 2 be a Millionaire, Weakest links, etc. However, mas nauna pa rin ang ABS-CBN kaysa sa GMA sa pag-introduce ng Asianovela. Period!

*Syempre, Unang Tv station pa rin na nag-introduce ng Koreanovela sa Pilipinas:
[ABSCBN: The TRUTH (2003, Sep) / GMA: Endless Love (2003, Nov)]

*Unang TV station na nakakuha ng Pinakamataas na Ratings na Koreanovela:
[ABSCBN: Lovers in Paris, 53.6% 3rd to finale episode (2004) / GMA: Jewel in The Palace, 48.4% as of (March 29, 2006)]

*Unang TV station na nag-introduce ng nationwide caravan:
[ABSCBN: Kapamilya Caravan (2003) / GMA: GMA Kapuso Karavan (2005)]

*ABSCBN vs GMA: Unang Tv station na nag-aired ng Latin Telenovelas:
[ABSCBN: Maria Mercedes (1996) / GMA: Agujetas de Color de Rosa (1997)]

*Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Locally Teleserye/Soap Opera Series:
[ASBCBN: Mara Clara (1991) / GMA: Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin (1998)]

*Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng Primetime Block:
[ABSCBN: 5 to Sawa! (1997) today, Primetime Bida, year 2002 / GMA: Telebabad (2004)]

*Unang TV station na nagkaroon ng signing contract sa International Rights:
[ABSCBN: Endemol (2005) / GMA: (yung sa celebrity duets) 2007]

*Tanging TV station na nagkamit ng pinakamaraming incoming text (votes) sa kasaysayan:
[ABSCBN: Star Circle Quest Grand Questors Night “Sandara Park” highest votes: 1.858 million votes (2004, April) / GMA: Starstruck Final Judgment “Rainier Castillo” votes: 1.397 million votes (2004, Feb)]

*Unang TV station na nag-established ng talent center and workshops:
[ABSCBN: Talent Center (1993) / GMA: Artist Center (2001)]

*Pinakaunang TV station na gumawa ng TeleFantasya/ Fantaserye Series sa Pilipinas!!!
[ABSCBN: MARINA (2004) / GMA: Marinara (comedy) (2004 din)]

ABSCBN: One of the world’s Most Modern Broadcasting Facilities in the World! Lining up with CNN Atlanta, ABC New York, CBS Los Angeles, CCTV Shanghai and Hongkong, NHK World Tokyo and BBC London.

ABSCBN: Only Sophisticated Broadcasting Center in Asia Pacific!

ABSCBN: Tanging network sa Pilipinas ang gumagamit ng pinakamatagal ng seal slogan hanggang ngayon: “In the Service of the Filipino” since 1990s

ABSCBN: Humanitarian Services: Bantay Bata, Bantay Kalikasan, ABSCBN Bayan Foundation.

ABSCBN: Ang nananatiling pinakamalaki at pinakamalawak na broadcasting network and multimedia company sa Pilipinas.

ABSCBN: Unang broadcasting company sa ASIA na nag-live feed throughout Asia from Europe para sa Ms. Universe 1969 kung saan tamang-tamang
nanalo ang Ms. Phils. c/o Ms. Gloria Diaz noong 1969.

ABSCBN: Tanging TV station na umabot ng 49.2% Audience Share sa Metro Manila.(ewan ko lang ngayon, manipulated–>marimar?)

ABSCBN: At, tanging TV station din na umabot ng 72.1% Audience Share sa buong Pilipinas.

ABSCBN: Unang TV station na nag-exclusive broadcast right sa buong mundo, Ms. Universe 1994.

ABSCBN: Unang TV station na umabot sa 58% Ratings ng isang programa sa Pilipinas, Esperanza (1997).

ABSCBN: Unang TV station sa buong ASIA na ang Ratings ay umabot sa 78.3% Ratings ng isang programa sa kasaysayan, Rosalinda (2000).

ABSCBN: Unang TV station sa buong ASIA PACIFIC na umabot sa 83.5% Ratings ng isang TV Event sa kasaysayan, Hataw Pacquiao, Laban ng
Bayan, 2006.

ABSCBN: Affiliates: Myx, ANC ABSCBN News Channel, Cinema One, Lifestyle Network, Knowledge Channel.
(Some of the PRESENT programs/segments of ABS-CBN copied by GMA)


Ala Singko Y Medya (now, Magandang Umaga Pilipinas) vs. Unang Hirit (nanindigan para mas matagal sila)
Morning Girls with Kris and Korina vs. Sis (ganun din! papaabutin ng 10 years, kahit nakakasawa)
Pera o Bayong (1 Million pesos) MTB, now on Wowowee! vs. Meron o Wala (now, Laban o Bawi P1M) Eat Bulaga (ganun din!)
Star Circle Kid Quest vs. Starstruck Kids (mas sikat pa rin ang SCQ kids)
TV Patrol (now, TV Patrol World) vs. Many GMA News Progs. like Saksi with Mike Enriquez (Now, 24 Oras)(ayoko ng palengkerong newscaster, ganyan ba ang newscaster, dapat matino at hindi mabilis at pinagtatawanan, diba?)
TV Patrol with Korina Sanches and Julius Babao vs. 24 Oras with Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez (grabe! talaga!)
Star Patrol vs. Chikka Minute! (pati un?)
Pulis Patrol vs. Alerto 24 (at eto pa?)
The World Tonight (now, Insider) vs. GMA Network News (now, Saksi) (I remember…
Star In a Million vs. Pinoy Pop Superstar!!! (kita ang ebidensya!)
The Correspondents vs. i-Witness
Little Big Star vs. Popstar Kids (on QTV) (kita rin ang ebidensya!)
MAALAALA MO KAYA vs. Magpakailanman (mas lalo na ITO!!!)
Super Laff-in vs. Bubble Gang (I remember)
Mga Imbestigador Ng Bayan vs. Imbestigador (yeah, i know si Ted Failon pa nga iyun)
Balitang OFW (on ANC) vs. Pinoy Abroad (i see, parehong pareho, kala nyo di ako nanonood ng ANC ha?)
Kontrobersyal (before Celebrity) now, Current Affairs Prog. vs. Showbiz Stripped (kasi ito eh! gaya gaya rin)
ASAP vs. SOP (of course!!!)
ASAP Fanatic vs. Gigster (Mas lalo na ito, kita ang ebidensya, same na same ang format!)
The Buzz vs. S Files (3 host din?)
Nginnig vs. Kakaba Kaba – Wag kukurap – Kakaba Kaba Boo with chakadoll! Then, back to Wag kukurap (nauwi sa wala!)
Wansapanataym (before) vs. Mahiwagang Baul (pati Sunday schedule, ginaya rin!)
Going Bulilit vs. Bubble Gang Junior na naging Kids and then gone! (di nila kaya!)
Rated K vs. Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho (puro kainan ang alam!)
Marina vs. Marinara
Komiks vs. Fantastikids (ba un?) replace Wag Kukurap (eto pa?)
SNN vs. Chik Minute explosive

Enough said.

KUDOS Melissa Cantiveros: PBB Double Up Big Winner

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Sobrang owvheeer ang mga pangyayari kagabi! I was pretty excited to watch the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, hoping na manalo si Melissa Cantiveros aka Melai. Super naging tensed ang bahay namin habang inaannounce ang mga 5th, 4th and 3rd placers respectively.

Di naman ako super fanatic, but when they announced that Paul Jake was the 2ng Big Placer, voila! I shouted with freat joy, and I also was a bit teary-eyed because of happiness dahil nanalo si Melai!

Congratulations Melai, you deserved to be a big winner, kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila. She gave the BB house the glee and glow kaya sobrang ang daming nahooked, and I was one of them! Kudos to all!!! Will be waiting for the PBB Teen Edition Season 3..can’t wait, I’m sure it will be another great and top rating show!

On Expensive Political Advertisements

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I wonder where Senator Manny Villar is getting his funds to pay his political ads on television, prints and radio. Well, to some it may not be so surprising, (for we all know that he’s a business tycoon and a billionaire) but apparently the expenditures are so alarming, it has reached more or less P700 million pesos at this point in time, and the official campaign period has not yet started. What more if the campaign period is launched?

He’s really determined to win. He even used the veteran actor, Dolphy to endorse him in one of his political advertisement. Did he really know Villar personally? Totaling all his expenditures in media ads plus the talent fees of every celebrity that he uses in it, the total value will be much bigger than the number of families that are below the poverty line. In addition, he has also exceeded the 120 minutes given to every candidate during the campaign period. Where’s the fairness?

Okay, he’s wealthy. He can use all the money he wants in those ads, but the point is, it is too much. If we try to picture this, he wins the Presidential election, will he acquire all his expenditures from the public fund? Will he use his power as the president so that his business prospects and properties will expand more?

Manny Villar is a businessman. Business people never invest a bunch of their money into something that they will not benefit from. Businessmen always want a win-win situation. They will do whatever it takes to have a good profit. And from what I see, Villar will try even harder to be in the presidential seat, by spending more for those ads.

And I am not impressed by his famous campaign jingle. If you are sincere in helping the nation, be a role model. How can you spend millions and billions if you worked hard for it? A worker who works hard for a little amount of money will be so thrifty enough and wise in spending it. In his case, he throws all “his” money out for his campaign drive, I think it’s a desperate move. If not for the C5 controversy, he would’ve been my presidential bet.

Media can be a great vehicle in campaigning, but voters must be more meticulous in choosing their bet in the appointment of the next head of the nation. These political ads can be very tricky. It can be a façade to a candidate’s real intention; it is a theater where they can leap from being a politician to an actor. We must not be deceived by the candidate’s charming smile and sparkling eyes. Vote wisely, our future depends on it.

Homemade Facial Scrubs and Masks

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Why settle for expensive treatments and exfoliating products when you can make your own facial scrubs at home? Save your money. Here are some beauty recipes that I recently discovered, cheaper than the commercialized beauty products in the market. Try and see the results, it’s all natural.

  • Oatmeal Smoother
    1/2 cup ground oatmeal.(easy to do, just put non-instant oatmeal in a blender or food processor and process until ground)
    1/2 cup powdered milk

-Mix this dry mixture together.

-Store in zip bag, jar or tin. Can be used daily.

TO USE: Mix 2 tsp of dry mix with 2 tsp water to make a paste. Stir until smooth paste is formed. Massage onto face and throat. Rinse. If you want to exfoliate, add some coarse salt or ground almonds to the mixture.

  • Sugar (that’s it, plain old Sugar!)

Sugar works great, but  if you’re prone to acne or fungus because it can cause bacteria or fungus to grow if it’s not washed off completely, great results.

  • Baking Soda + Water

Good for everyday use. To loosen blackheads, combine equal parts baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

  • Banana Scrub

-2 teaspoons mashed banana

-2 teaspoons rolled oats

-1 teaspoon milk

-1 teaspoon honey

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until it forms a smooth paste-like  substance. Apply to face and leave it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes massage it in your face. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water. This scrub works as a peel. The dead skin cells adhere to the slightly dried paste and are removed by the friction created when you gently massage it over your face.

  • Papaya Facial Scrub

Mash a piece of ripe papaya, then add 1/2 tsp brown sugar and rub your face with it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse well. Your skin will be fresh and glowing. Feel the difference!

  • Tomato Scrub

First, choose a ripe and good tomato. Pound it and then take the juice. And then apply it on your clean face. Let it stay for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash your face again with warm water. You will find a spectacular result. Your face will feel very smooth and soft.

  • Egg White Scrub

For oily skin, you can have this kind of mask to take away the oil away from your skin. Get the white part of an egg, squeeze some lemon drops into it. Stir it for a bit and then apply it onto your clean face. Let it stay for 20 minutes. When you feel it hardened you can wash your face with warm water. You will feel no more oil on your face, and it can keep your face clean. It can actually get rid of the oil for about two days. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Milk and Potato Mask

Get half of a potato, boil it. Pound the boiled potato after. Pour milk onto it, mix and apply to your face. Let the mixture stay on your face for about 30 minutes until the milk gets dry. Then you can wash your face with warm water to open pores.


Blogging Again…

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Another blogging moment. I missed blogging a lot. It was 2006 when I had my own blog site. That was when blogging’s free at powered by Globe Telecom. I am not so articulate when it comes to writing though, but I love it when I can express my ideas freely.

I remember someone who really inspired me to blog again after years of being idle. One day I was surfing the net and came across a blog site. I got so impressed with the way the blog owner expressed his ideas. I liked reading the site. The beautiful words were written articulately, ‘twas so captivating that you want to read all its entries. Then I saw the blog owner’s YM id there in that site, I buzzed him up and luckily, he was online then. Surprisingly, as we chatted, he mentioned to have read a post of mine in, well it was a fictional love story that I’ve written.

And then he gave me this advice: Write not to please, but write because you want to express your ideas.

To Mr. Ryan Ericson Canlas ( well I want to say that you are such a good writer, kudos! I am a frustrated writer , I hope I can write as beautifully as you. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. It is a special day to express our love to the special person in our lives. You can do this by sending your love a Valentine gift.

a. Valentine Gift Basket: Valentine baskets are great gifts for your sweetheart. A popular basket comes with a beautiful arrangement of delicacies for an evening of romance and dining, accented with roses and completed with massage oil and votive candles. Inside the wicker basket are chocolate covered cherries, shortbread cookies, Mia Amore pasta, sun dried roasted tomatoes, chocolates, cheese, and a hard cover book of romance. This romantic gift is ideal for sharing with your special someone, and will create Valentine memories you two will always hold dear.

b. Valentine Gift Pail: Alternatively, you can send a message of love with an unique red gift pail, wrapped around by the long arms of a charming bear couple. The teddy bears are embroidered with the saying “I love you this much!” They are stuffed with hugs and good wishes and surrounded by sweet treats of chocolate covered cookies, Ghirardelli squares, old fashioned fudge, chocolate hearts, and Jelly Belly beans. Thia gift pail can be sent to your boyfriend or girl friend.

c. Valentine Gift Tower: A popular gift tower consists of a soft and cuddly plush bear with a three-piece tower of sweets, including milk chocolate pretzels, white frosted pretzels and milk chocolate Ghirardelli squares. This is a wonderful gift to express your love to friends, family and special loved ones.

d. Valentines Gifts For Him: For your boyfriend or husband, you can send him a gift basket with a love message envelope. He can open the envelope and enjoy the romantic treats. He will find an adorable teddy bear holding a heart filled with his favorite truffles and a lovely Champagne candle, and many other sweet treats, … and a love coupon book. This would be a great basket for your Valentine.

e. Romantic Gift Basket – Valentines Gifts For Her: You can win over your lover’s heart by sending her a romantic gift basket. A popular basket consists of a beautiful gold chest filled with romantic candle gift set, frosted glass votive candle holder, sensual chocolate body paint, assorted chocolate, almond body butter massage lotion, and a Love and Romance book from the heart. She will be impressed with your elegant taste when you send her this romantic gift basket.

f. Romantic Massage Gift Basket: A romantic massage will be treasured by your valentine. She will long remember the special treats in this lovely basket: massage oil, an acrylic massager, a massage booklet. chocolates, cookies, and a chocolate fondue kit to say I love you in good taste.

g. Spa Gift Baskets: Spa gifts are designed especially for women. Rejuvenate someone special with a gift hamper full of relaxing spa products, including body butter, an enchanted CD of soft piano and string music, cucumber moisturing body lotion, moisturizing body gel, terry cloth makeup and shower headband, vanilla herbal lemon tea, and terry cloth bath slippers to make her feel special. When the bath and body products are gone, she can use the handy hamper with lid for storage. Treat your sweetheart with this revitalizing gift.

h. Chocolate Bouquet: This chocolate bouquet consists of 6 full size milk chocolate bars that create a “vase” while 20 fun size chocolates of assorted varieties make up a bouquet. This unique gift can be sent to chocolate lovers of all ages.

i. Valentines Gift Basket For Kids: This children’s basket is filled with fun activities and treats to eat. Your little valentine will find a teddy bear with heart patches, coloring book, candy filled potion bottle with mini message, bubbles, candy bracelet, 3 marshmallow cream heart, checkers game set, marshmallow heart peep, gummy treats, Hershey Kisses exchange bag, and candies.

j. Red Roses: Fresh, stunning and fragrant red roses will sure delight your sweetheart. Send these roses by themselves or send them to accompany other gifts. In summary, express your love to someone special with a Valentine gift. You can choose from Valentine gift basket, Valentine gift pail, gift tower, romantic gift basket, romantic massage gift basket, spa gift baskets, red roses, and Valentines basket for kids. Send Valentines day gift to your love, and show him or her how much you care this Valentines Day.